Here is the entire list of games I’ve worked on. For undisclosed projects, only a summary of my work is showed.

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Undisclosed – Company: Abstraction – Role: Technical Game Designer

■ Identified key gameplay elements and designed a tutorial accordingly.
■ Designed UX/UI to communicate player’s progression.


Undisclosed – Company: Abstraction – Role: Technical Game Designer

■ Designed core gameplay, raised and solved design and systemic problems.
■ Prototyped, tweaked and standardized levels and AI behavior.
■ Synthesized and maintained the project’s design documentation up to date.
■ Optimized development through increased transparency and reduced friction.


Surviving Mars Below and BeyondAbstraction Role: Tech Game Designer

■ Additional content for the base building game Surviving Mars providing 2 new environments (Asteroids and Undergrounds).
■ The DLC Extends the game systems with new resources, vehicles, buildings and missions.
■ I developed proposal with the design team, self-taught proprietary engine, and prototyped gameplay elements.
■ I designed game content, quests, and balanced systems enhancing exploration and rewarding players.

Last Oasis – Company: Abstraction – Role: Technical Game Designer

Adaptation of the MMORPG PC game to consoles and complete UI/UX rework.
I Implemented new UI elements according to the UI design team.
■ I programmed the behavior of new UI elements and addressed UI flow issues.
■ I helped the programming team to fix UI behavior and gameplay bugs.


Night – Personal solo project

Art game to raise awareness on light pollution and how the beauty of the sky is altered.
Sky simulation with an accent on experimentation, exploration and discoveries.
■ This project was a personal time-bound challenge (19 days – 120 hours).


Frostpunk – Company: Abstraction – Role: Technical Game Designer

■ Adaptation of the city-builder PC game to console including UI/UX rework.
■ I worked with the design team to fix and update the UI of the game.

Undisclosed – Company: Abstraction – Role: Technical Game Designer

■ Prototyped mechanics as a proof of concept for IP creation and development.

Initen – Graduation project – Role: Lead programmer – Designer

■ Third-person exploration experience and puzzle game where sound is essential.
■ Game based on synesthesia, and focuses on the ability seeing sounds.
■ I designed and programmed the core gameplay (3Cs, respawn system…).

You’ve got 7 million voicemails – Game Jam – Role: Programmer – Designer

■ Simulation game where you play a 1950s’ phone operator.
■ Game made during a 48h game jam.


Undisclosed – Company: Abstraction – Role: Intern Technical Game Designer

■ Participated in the pre-production of the project as the main game designer.

Unbound Atlas – Student project – Role: Technical Game Designer, Sound Designer

■ Unbound Atlas is a relaxing toy, anti-stress, for anyone to enjoy and express their own creativity.
■ Designed feedback to drive exploration and experimentation.
■ Designed and programmed a system to create music in the game.

Blind blades – Game Jam – Role: Technical Game Designer, Sound Designer

■ Top-down couch game where the player is a samurai and their opponents are invisible, but can make noises.

Running Lydt – Student project – Role: Technical Game Designer

■ PC Runner game made in collaboration with Enigami.

Lone Vaulter – Student game – Role: Project Lead

■ Pole-jumping mobile game in collaboration with OhBIBI.
■ The game reached 900 000 installs without any marketing, and as a student project.


Hero of the rising sun – Student project – Role: Programmer

■ Tactical / planning game PC game in collaboration with Gameloft.

Tasveer – Student project – Role: Technical game designer

■ Photography game in which the player is immersed in Rajasthan, India and has to shoot interesting photos.

Sick Wave – Student game – Role: Programmer

■ Sick Weave is a reversed tower defense created for a Game design course.


Care – Student project – Role: Game Designer

■ Care is a simulation where the player embodies a character who takes care of their ill friend.


Life – Personal project

■ Life is a 2-hour project, a pretentious game about choices in life and chaos theory.


Stephen Hawking must survive – Student project

■ SHMS is a story driven point and click game about Stephen Hawking fighting a black hole in his lab.


San Andreas Multiplayer mods – Personal project(s)

Created a few game mods for GTA San Andreas multiplayer.


Halo mods – Personal project(s)

■ Created a few hundreds mods for Halo Combat Evolved.
■ Created and administrated a French community of modders.
■ Created 20+ tutorials to share my knowledge.