The Game

Initen is an exploration experience and puzzle game where sound is essential. It was a graduation project

The game takes place in a deserted land, in which life has become rare…  The blazing sun has dried up everything, from the river to the grass. Even the big region plants struggle to find enough resources to flourish.

My work as a Lead Programmer and Game Designer

My degree was in Game Design and management. however, I programmed as a hobby and on different game jams. During the pre-production of the project, the team decided I would be lead programmer and technical advisor as I was the most experienced.


I was in charge of the code architecture of the project, core gameplay, sound programming, and many other parts of the game. I had the pleasure of animating the character’s trail by code and program its link to music. I had to iterate and learn fast and I’m glad to say I met my team expectations.


I was involved in most design decisions on the project, but I mainly designed the 3Cs and the progression system of the game.


As the most tech-oriented person in the team, I was in charge of the source control, taught teammates how to use source control and a few other technical aspects of game development. I mentored my programmer teammate and my technical designer teammate and built a cohesive team.