I am a passionate Technical Game Designer, but that you know already 🙂

I like creating games that present strong gameplay experiences, placing emphasis on engaging mechanics. I find inspiration in great titles such as Faster than Light, Risk of Rain, Outer Wilds, and many more that made me wish I had worked on them.

Behind great games, there are usually amazing teams, I care about promoting a positive team environment by fostering open communication and cultivating a sense of cohesion among team members. As a transparency advocate, I address unspoken issues and ensure that everyone’s perspectives are heard and considered.

As a very active, creative, and curious person, I have a lot of side activities that nourish my insatiable thirst for knowledge. I owe this to the many amazing human beings I’ve met through those activities.

My main hobby is photography. I started taking pictures seriously in 2014 and I never stopped. I like making art and expressing myself through visuals.
You can access my photography website here.

Electronics and tinkering
As a DIY and Electronics enthusiast, I like to tinker and solve some of my problems. Some of my projects include making an automatic watering system and making an electric bike (Posts about those projects are being written!).

On the sport side of things, I enjoy slacklining (setting up a line between 2 trees and walking on the line). I dance Lindy Hop and juggle with flow toys such as clubs and poi.

As I have a passion for aviation and space, I passed my ultralight aircraft pilot license in 2011. This experience allowed me to be an ambassador of French aeronautics in Canada in 2014 through the International Air Cadet Exchange program.

Playing Games
Of course, I like to play video games! Some of my all-time favorites are: The Incredible Machine 2, Gruntz, Halo, GTA: San Andreas, Garry’s mod, Faster than Light, Risk of Rain 1 & 2, and Outer Wilds. As you can tell, I’m into sandbox games and modular gameplay games. I also enjoy board games, pool, and bowling a lot.

Making video games
Finally, after years of modding, I enjoy creating games as a hobby. This way, I update my game design and technical knowledge, identify my weaknesses, and work on improving them.